Modular summer house L-shape
Double floor modular house with wood facade
Simplest modular house
Summer house build with containers

Summer house in industrial style

Contma modules let you create your own mobile space in industrial or modern style. Our modules are great as a summer house or apartment for rent, or even real house. We build small simple houses as 22 or 44m2, or bigger as 66-200m2 projects, or even more. Our standars is LED-lightning, very good insulation of Rockwool, white painted gips boards inside and nice wood facade outside the building. We can create building according your own style, just let us do this 😉

Feel free

If u planning to change a locations of your house, you can easily take it with you. Our modules can follow your life style and be transported to any location you need. Modular construction is very easy to move from place to place, fast to put it together, secure for transportation.