About Contma

The factory is located in Poland in Brzeg near Opole. We have halls with an area of 1650m², a maneuvering yard with an area of about 5000m², a 5t overhead crane and forklifts of various sizes. We also have a welding shop, a sandblasting shop and a paint shop for. Thanks to this, the entire production cycle is carried on one place, so we do not use subcontractors.

The Contma company specializes in ecological frame buildings. We produce houses, office spaces, all types of modular and prefabricated buildings, roof trusses.

We provide services for external companies in the field of heavy anti-corrosion of large structural elements.

Roof trusses

We deal with the prefabrication of roofs – the production of roof trusses connected with spiked plates. We use Scandinavian C24 solid wood for production, we design in the Pamir program and the supplier of the spiked plates is Mitek.

House prefabrication

We can describe the entire technology in a nutshell: we build in Scandinavian style. 15 years of experience on the Swedish market – this is an advantage and knowledge that cannot be bought.

Your house as prefabs or as modules: we adapt the technology to the design and economy. So, depending on what is more efficient, we choose how to produce the building.

Designing - projects

We design wooden houses in accordance with Scandinavian technology. Each of our projects can be slightly modified and adapted to your own preferences.

We try to make each house reflect the needs of our clients, so we often design buildings together with them. So the investor comes to our office, sits down with the designer and within a few hours they make a preliminary design, which is later used as a production and construction design.

We also design houses for unusual plots: narrow, wide, long, with slants, etc.

We create photorealistic visualizations of our projects to illustrate the future appearance of the building.

Heavy anti-corrosion

Sandblasting room is about 100 m2, so we clean steel structures, containers and m.m.

The paint shop has the same dimensions as the sandblasting shop, it is heated, so each sandblasted detail is protected by painting with Graco machines in accordance with  required thickness of the coating.


The buildings we manufacture are delivered to Europe, Scandinavia, including Norway. We are fluent in Swedish, English and Polish.