Roof trusses from Poland

A solid roof on the house is primarily a guarantee of the safety of residents as well as securing our savings, which are usually located in the property. Roofs made of trusses are very durable due to the construction of a structure based on triangular geometries made of diagonals and posts, as well as the main truss elements: the upper and lower chords.

The production of Contma trusses is located in Brzeg in Poland, in the Opolskie Voivodeship. We install trusses mainly in the vicinity, but sometimes we go outside of Poland.

With or without installation

If you feel strong enough to assemble the trusses yourself or you have a team that will do it for you, we will design and manufacture the trusses and you will perform the assembly. The production time for a complete roof is usually about 6 weeks.

Mitek truss technology

Structural elements of the truss are joined with spike plates pressed into the wood on truss tables with a pressure of about 30T. The truss roof structure is an additional check of the roof structure’s load-bearing capacity, wind resistance and ability to resist other forces, such as: snow load, weight of the roofing itself, mm.

Truss design

We use Mitek’s Pamir software to design roofs, walls, ceilings and wooden structures. The program is a tool intended for manufacturers, so it simultaneously creates project documentation and converts the strength of the structure into given forces. It is certainly one of the best tools available to manufacturers of frame buildings, and due to the presence of software all over the world, it is always up to date.


Just contact us and we will quote trusses for your building!

Specify the location of the building or the snow and wind load, or simply send us your house design and you will receive a quote within a few days.