House prefabrication

  • Send us a project, inform us about changes and the planned time of implementation, or order a house design by us
  • We evaluate the construction, the valuation is valid only for 14 days, because we have such price guarantees with material suppliers
  • We arrange the details and plan to start work
  • We prepare production documentation and then start production of prefabricated house elements
  • We deliver prefabricated elements through transport companies known to us and assemble the building with the roof within 5-10 days
  • If we deal with bringing the building to a developer state, it may take us an additional 3-6 weeks and it depends on the project

Usually the process takes 4-6 months

How much does it cost?

Prefabricated elements of the building for the closed stage are inexpensive aprox. 1800-2200PLN net per m2. The developer’s condition may cost 2700-3400PLN net/m2. The turnkey condition in the medium standard is about 3600-4400PLN net/m2, in the high standard about 4200-5200PLN net/m2.

It is very difficult to specify the costs of building a house when the materials alone are several hundred items in the valuation, and in recent months we have had many factors that have negatively affected the stability of prices on the market. 

Do we prefab all types of houses?

Yes and no, because sometimes it is simply economically unprofitable, although of course possible. There are projects that significantly complicate the prefabrication process and limit the possibilities of transport, then construction in traditional technology should be analyzed or built in accordance with the designer’s assumptions.

Frame house design

Most buildings can be prefabricated, and the easiest way to do it is if the house was designed from the beginning as a wooden frame house.

A custom-made design is often the best option, but often underestimated by buyers. Together with you, we can design a house ideally suited to your expectations and financial possibilities. The project itself is more expensive than “typical” projects purchased online, but construction will be cheaper.