Dom z kontenerów o powierzchni około 130m2, projekt z wyposażeniem, projektujemy i wykonujemy pod klucz takie obiekty
Dom modułowy 130m2 ułożony w L, nowoczesny design i industrialny styl
Dom z modułów kontenerowych - widok od frontu
Dyży dom z modułow kontenerowych, duży salon z aneksem kuchennym, jasne i duże przeszklenia
Budownictwo modułowe w industrialnym i nowoczesnym stylu

House made of modules or containers, simple and unique!

Design only for the brave. In Europe, more and more popular, certainly many people like it, but still his type of architecture is reserved for investors who simply love to live their own way, regardless of what people say about them. Certainly in the case of a house with container modules we will stand out in the whole area and much further. Absolutely our name will be on the lips of onlookers. Is it good? I do not know. Is it bothering you, or is this what it is all about?

Industrially or traditionally

The ways of making a house from container modules can be various. We can apply industrial design with visible steel elements, or simply hide these steel beams. Exterior walls – there is as many options as: wooden panels with a rough texture (Swedish style – our favorite), Plannja roofing metal sheets (also very trendy), cement boards, rusty flat metal sheets, all wooden planks and wood imitating composites.

Roof terrace, why not?

In the case of building a modular house, we have interesting opportunities to use the roof, which is prepared to withstand heavy loads. Many customers opt for open wood terraces. Roof terrace can be small: about 25m², or huge even over 100m². It is very easy to accomplish, it is enough at the production stage to weld a dozen or so anchors to prepare our modular house for the roof terrace.

Moving like a snail, with the house on the back

Many of us attach to our homes, it is not a feature of all, but the vast majority of us. Some people, if they need to move, simply hesitate because they like their house. But does it have to be this way? NO! Your home can follow you, it can be transported as many times you need: from London to Warsaw, from Warsaw to Berlin, etc. Do not be a slave to the place, because the optimal location today does not have to be optimal tomorrow or after 5 years. The modular house gives you the certainty that if your home pleases you, or only you, it can move with you and wherever you want.

Design vs possibilities

The fact is that a house with a flat roof cant be builded anywhere, we will not get permission for such a building everywhere. Therefore, before you take any steps related to the construction of a modular house, I am asking you to take a look/check at the local area if your dream house will follow architecture around. If there is a need for changes, we can always modify the project.

Price of a modular home

If anyone expects that a modular house or container house will be cheaper than to built with traditional materials, it will probably be surprised, because is not cheaper! The costs of implementing such a project are often comparable to the construction of a traditional home. As a rule, the production of medium-standard modules is about 2500-3000 PLN (580/700 Euro) / m2. The price includes the production of ready house with painted walls and laminate floors, complete bathroom with a shower, kitchen without furniture! The transport costs from the factory to you is an additional expense, you shouldn’t forget about  foundations too. Our next expense will be kitchen equipment. But!: a unique style, fast implementation, stress-free construction process, building mobility – priceless!