Container with wood facade, not painted
Red container with facade of Plannja click plate
Steel frame of container
P1 model
Ready grey containers with wood facade
Red container lifted by crane
Orange painted container frame
M6 model

Modules and containers spec

We produce two models of containers:
Model GT – facade made of Scandinavian wood panels
Model GP – facade made of Plannja Trend 475 click sheets

Length: 8450mm
Width: 2900mm
Height: 2980mm
Bearing frame: steel profiles 3-5mm
Draining made of 2mm steel profiles
Roof: Steel sheet 1,5 welded to the frame, wood frame, gips boards
Floor: grind of steel 3mm profiles, floor boards, vinyl carpet 1,5mm, metal sheet underneath
Walls: wood frame 45x95mm, Rockwool 100mm, gyps board, wood facade in GT model, Plannja Trend 475 facade in GP model
Roof isolation: 150mm Rockwool
Walls isolation: 100mm Rockwool
Floor isolation: Rockwool 250mm
Windows: u-PVC, size according customer needs
Doors: Steel doors with EU or Scandinavian locking
Electric in/out: 400V/32A, 5x6mm2, 5×2,5mm2, 3×1,5mm2
Water: 1/2″, PEX pipe
Drain: PVC-pipe 110mm
Radiators: electric heaters with thermostat
Ventilation: wall mounted ventilation grille and electric fan in toilet
Size: Length, width and height according your needs, but dependent of production load
Frame color : RAL/NCS colors
Facade color: model GT – every RAL/NCS coding, model GP: RAL 9005, 7021, 7024, 9007, or any RAL/NCS with surcharge
Windows: any size u need
Doors: 900-1100mm with EU-locking, or ASSA scandinavian locking system

Establishment on construction

Our solutions are cost effective and smart!

If you are in need to establish your workers on the construction for a longer period of time, or you need a mobile office, we can deliver completely equipped modules. We can create projects that include 5, 10, 50 or even 100 containers. In every project we focusing on creating solutions which allow you to easily sell or rent modules after you leave your temporary workplace.

If you establish staff for at least 18months, is worth to count your costs exactly and compare rental to the purchase price of the modules. Most often, the purchase of containers reward themselves after about 24-36 months and your employees are much more comfortable in the new modules than i 10-20 years old containers. Do not forget you can always sell modules and get back most of invested capital.

Modules from CONTMA are manufactured in Poland. We are already working with several companies in EU and are ready to deliver our products to Norway, France, Germany, Sweden and any country u need.