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Each building is made of C24 wood and is technologically identical to a Scandinavian house. Diffusion partitions provide the most favorable microclimate inside, and properly selected insulating materials make the building much better insulated than traditional mortar and reinforced concrete structures. As a standard we get U-0.13 W/m²K for walls, U-0.10 W/m²K for roofs and flat roofs and U-0.16 W/m²K for floors.

Of course, there are several insulation options from 250 mm to 400 mm to choose from, we also build passive houses and typical seasonal recreational buildings, where insulation of partition walls can have weaker parameters. We are a small factory, so matching the materials to the class of the building is not a problem.

ROOF U-0.10 W/M²K

Roofs are always made as a roff trusses. We realize flat, shell, pitched and gable roofs. The standard thickness of insulation in a roof or flat roof is 300-350 mm, and this is more than enough if the right insulation with a coefficient of Λ-0.035 is used. Such a barrier gives us U-0.10.

The roof can be covered with an interlocking metal sheet, a modular metal roof tile, a roof tile, heat-sealed roofing felt, an EPDM or PVC membrane. The type of covering is chosen depending on the angle of inclination of the roof and the customer’s wishes.


WALLS U-0.13 W/M²K

External walls are based on a C24 wood frame. We have 2 layers of insulation 200mm and 50mm. Depending on the design and needs of the building, we use gypsum boards or Fermacel panels for the interior wall cladding. From the outside of the walls comes a vapor-permeable membrane and then we have a ventilated facade made of wood or thin-layer plaster on cement particle boards. In this way we get parameters for walls at the level of U-0.13.

FLOOR U-0.16 W/M²K

We make floors in two ways. Most often it is an insulated foundation slab with underfloor heating or foundation walls (which is a slightly worse solution, although slightly cheaper).

Place horizontal insulation (foil) on the compacted substrate, lay XPS 200mm on top and cover with another layer of horizontal insulation. Later, the reinforcement is laid out in two layers, the heating coil is attached directly to the reinforcement and the whole thing is poured with concrete. Such a floor has a U-0.16.


We install Vetrex windows in our buildings. It is a V82 model with triple glazing. As an option we offer an external or double-sided color and the possibility to install manual or electrically raised Portos external blinds.

It is also possible to install wooden windows, wooden windows with aluminum cladding, typical Scandinavian outward-opening windows (top swing, side swing) or aluminum windows. The suppliers of these windows are: Sitak, Norwood, Stobrawa


We do not use polystyrene in the frame construction. We have several products to choose from:

Our standard is Isover glass wool with the coefficient Λ-0.035.

An alternative is Rockwool stone wool with the coefficient Λ-0.036.

Hemp insulation and all kinds of insulation based on wood wool are also available, but they significantly increase the price, since they are sometimes 3-4 times more expensive and have worse parameters, but are more ecological.