Footprint: 127m² | Floor area: 106m² | 3 Bedrooms | Bathroom | Office

Rustic 127

A simple barn-like house for a family of 2+2 or 2+3. The building area is 127m2. Large windows provide perfect natural lighting and offer direct access to the terrace. The entire house is wheelchair accessible. We can create an attic under the roof or raise the walls to create additional rooms. The house is manufactured as a prefabricated timber frame construction, arriving at the site 60% complete. We build the house on a heated foundation – concrete slab. It should be ready for occupancy within a maximum of 6 months from signing the contract. The glazed wall should face south! We can customize the building’s facade, window size and location, wall height, roof angle, and finish.

L – 18,6m

W – 6,7m

Footprint – 127m²

Floor area – 106m²

Bedroom 1            – 16,8m²

Bedroom 2            – 7,3m²

Bedroom 3            – 11m²

Office                     – 5,5m²

Living room          – 37m²

Kitchen                 – 7,5m²

Bathroom             – 6,5m²

Tech                      – 2,1m²

Hallway                –  12,4m²

Foundation – Swedish foundation concrete slab

Walls – Wood frame C24

Roof – Roof trusses

Floor insulation – 200mm EPS/XPS

Wall insulation – 250mm Isover wool

Roof insulation – 300mm Isover wool

Heating source and DHW (Domestic Hot Water) – air-to-air heat pump

Heating – Underfloor heating 

Ventilation – Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

480 000 zł net  shell condition

649 000 zł net   –  tenant finish