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Footprint: 187m² | Floor area: 162m² | 3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | Garage

Steady 190 is a home designed for families of 3-4 people. It features 3 spacious bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a laundry room, and a garage. The large hallway allows for the placement of several ample wardrobes, and with the addition of a partition wall, it can serve as a vestibule. The living room is connected to the kitchen and boasts an open ceiling that extends all the way to the roof, where 3 skylights are fitted to illuminate the entire space. The laundry room also doubles as a technical room, where a heat pump and a hot water tank will be installed. In addition, the attic can provide extra storage space for our non-essential belongings. The building has a footprint of 187m², and we can apply various roof coverings and any desired exterior finish.

L                     – 19m

W                   – 10m

Footprint      – 187m²

Floor area     – 162m²

Bedroom 1                   – 18,5m²

Bedroom 2                   – 15,5m²

Bedroom 3                   – 13,9m²

Bathroom 1                  – 11,9m²

Bathroom 2                  – 6,5m²

Living room                 – 29,3m²

Kitchen/dining room – 15,2m²

Tech/laundry room    – 10,2m²

Hallway                         –  16,8m²

Garage                           – 24,5m²

Foundation – Swedish foundation concrete slab

Walls – Wood frame C24

Roof – Roof trusses

Floor insulation – 200mm EPS/XPS

Wall insulation – 250mm Isover wool

Roof insulation – 300mm Isover wool

Heating source and DHW (Domestic Hot Water) – air-to-air heat pump

Heating – Underfloor heating

Ventilation – Mechanical ventilation with  heat recovery

440 000 zł net     – shell condition

660 000 zł net    – tenant finish