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Footprint: 70m² | Floor area: 114m² | 3 Bedroom | 2 Bathroom

Tiny 70

A house with a functional attic for a 3-4 person family. It’s a compact building, but a few clever design choices make it appear larger than it actually is. On the ground floor, there is a living room and a bedroom, while the attic features two bedrooms and a walk-in closet. Both floors have bathrooms, and the upstairs bathroom can accommodate two sinks and a large shower. Additionally, on the ground floor, there is a utility room where we will place the heat pump and the hot water tank. This house can be built on a small plot of land, as the footprint is only 70m2.

L                                 – 13,32m

W                               – 5,32m

Footprint                 – 70m²

Floor area                – 114m² (59+55) 

Floor 0:

Bedroom – 13,8m²

Bathroom – 4,3m²

Salon – 28m²

Tech-room – 2m²

Hallway –  7m²

Under stairs – 3,3m²

Floor 1:

Bedroom 1 – 12,5m²

Bedroom 2 – 20,7m²

Bathroom – 7m²

walk-in closet – 5,1m²

Hallway  – 9,8m²

Foundation – Swedish foundation concrete slab

Walls – Wood frame C24

Ceiling – Wood construction C24

Roof – Roof trusses

Floor insulation – 200mm EPS/XPS

Wall insulation – 250mm Isover wool

Roof insulation – 300mm Isover wool

Heating source and DHW (Domestic Hot Water) – air-to-air heat pump

Heating – Underfloor heating on the ground floor and first floor

Ventilation – Mechanical ventilation with wall-mounted heat recovery units

290 000 zł net shell condition

465 000 zł net – tenant finish