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Footprint: 133m² | Floor area: 112m² | 3 Bedrooms |  Bathroom | Toilet

Welcome 133

A four-pitched roof house with a 30-degree angle. It features three bedrooms, a living room combined with a dining area and kitchen, along with a small pantry. The utility room is ready for a washing machine and dryer. The Welcome 133 model allows for changes in partition walls, window size, and roof and facade materials. Its shape suits suburban and rural areas. A small storage space (20-25m2) can be prepared in the attic, so seasonal items won’t clutter the closets on the ground floor. The total building area is 133m² with a roof constructed with trusses at a 30-degree angle.

L                               – 15m

W                             – 10m

Footprint               – 133m²

Floor area              – 112m²

Bedroom 1                   – 16,2m²

Bedroom 2                   – 17,3m²

Bedroom 3                   – 12,6m²

Bathroom                     – 7,1m²

Toilet                             – 1,9m²

Living room+kitchen – 36m²

Pantry                            – 1,8m²

Tech room                    – 3,4m²

Hallway                         – 5,7m²

Foundation – Swedish foundation concrete slab

Walls – Wood frame C24

Ceiling – Wood construction C24

Roof – Roof trusses

Floor insulation – 200mm EPS/XPS

Wall insulation – 250mm Isover wool

Roof insulation – 300mm Isover wool

Heating source and DHW (Domestic Hot Water) – air-to-air heat pump

Heating – Underfloor heating

Ventilation – Mechanical ventilation with  heat recovery

460 000 zł net    – shell condition

640 000 zł net    – tenant finish